Human health isn’t always in great shape. There are instances when your health may falter and you end up sick and unable to do a lot of things you used to take for granted. Most of the time, your condition improves after treatment. However, there are ailments that aren’t as easily treatable as the others or perhaps don’t even have a cure until now.


What are we talking about? It’s nothing but the humble cannabis. It is no longer called marijuana to refer to the actual plant where medical cannabis is taken from. Also, there are two popular ways of taking cannabis:

  1. Recreational Cannabis

Naturally rich in THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. It is taken for recreational use and not really in the treatment of certain conditions since it is highly addicting and has psychoactive properties too that has earned the ire of many back in the days.


  1. Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis is made using CBD or cannabidiol-rich cannabis. It has a lot of health benefits and lacks the THC that many people do not like. You enjoy the good stuff offered by cannabis while sparing you its rather bothersome and controversial side effects.



You have probably seen your fair share of CBD companies both online and offline. For an ordinary person, the countless choices can be confusing and stressing too. Your only goal may be to only find something that can help you with whatever sickness you may have but it is possible that what you buy is actually full of unknown and potentially dangerous fillers and ingredients. Erase those worries from your mind because Myaderm has come to your rescue. The company takes pride in their years of expertise and precision in the cannabis industry.

Surf Side is a boutique hotel overlooking Bermuda’s famous clear ocean waters and pink sand beaches. This one-of-a-kind hideaway is the ideal choice for a memorable trip to Bermuda. If you are planning a relaxing getaway, romantic retreat, family reunion, or destination wedding, then look no further.

We look forward to welcoming you to our unique property, perched high on the top of a cliff in Warwick, on Bermuda’s south side. When you arrive at the hotel, you will be greeted by our friendly staff, the fresh sea air, and a panoramic view of the fabulous expanse of ocean just beyond the hotel grounds.

You can enjoy the charm and natural beauty of Surf Side from any of our 37 rooms; we offer a wide variety for you to choose from, including deluxe rooms, spacious suites, standalone cottages, and penthouses. No matter which room you select, you will have a private balcony or patio and a spectacular ocean view.

All of our rooms also include kitchen facilities (you can select a room with a full or partial kitchen), giving you the freedom to dine-in at your leisure – a healthy and cost-effective alternative to eating out at every meal. Should you decide to self-cater, our staff will gladly stock your room with groceries in advance of your arrival – you can also walk to the local market any time, it’s just a few minutes away.

You can continue to enjoy the magnificent ocean view as you relax at our swimming pool, or you can walk down to the private beach of beautiful pink sand for swimming and snorkeling. Once you feel fully relaxed and refreshed, why not head out to explore the shopping and dining of Bermuda’s charming capital city, Hamilton (just three miles away and easy to reach by taxi or the local bus service which stops at the hotel driveway). If you prefer to drive yourself, we can also help you rent a scooter to explore the island at your leisure.

Need to stay connected? Wi-Fi access is available at designated locations on the property; there is also a computer with internet access in the reception area dedicated to guest usage.

Our experienced staff prides themselves in going the extra mile to ensure that every guest has a wonderful stay. Many of our guests return to Surf Side each year to relax and soak up more of the property’s natural beauty and peaceful setting. We look forward to welcoming you too – now and every time you decide to come back.